My brother just messaged me if he can stay in our condo during his training. Now this is something that I try hard not to happen. Simply because it feels like I'm being 'invaded'. Yeah, I sound harsh, but really. This brother of mine should have stopped being a baby and learned to rely on himself earlier than he should (he should, having a family at the age of 19).

Argh. I'll kick his nuts. Kick his nuts I will.

Ok edit. Damn it. Make that I'll kick my father's nuts. Kick his nuts I will. My brother is asking for something to help him get by while here in manila. Father has none for him, but he has money for gambling.

The fucker. And I am doubting if 12k for the van rental to Baguio was just his ploy of getting money easy. Heck, that van is partly mine.