Yesterday, the head HR officer invited me and some other officemates for an orientation meeting on how to deal with the consul at the US embassy. The first thought on my head was, "Bah, I can do this". Overconfident? Perhaps. Some tiny voice is pestering me that here's another example of a canned presentation to whoever it is we'll be speaking no Monday.

Anyway, we had a practice interview and yes, I answered inappropriately to questions like, "What do you do in your company?". I am more adept in casual conversations you see, and formal stuff like this gives me itches. Since I haven't really been using English vocally for the longest time, I was a bit slurred and slow in responding. But a bigger flaw was that I couldn't speak more professionally -_-

Then came the question, "When will you be leaving?"

The appropriate answer for that is "As soon as my visa is approved". Those words came out of my lips with a barely audible crack. The thing is, I don't want to leave just yet ... no, maybe not even this year at least. Not until I have an answer for something ...