Btw, when I was there in Baguio, I had a weird-ass dream after a night at Nevada Square (circle?). Only downed two bottles of red horse there though, because the waiters are pretty much occupied by the sea of people in there. It went like this, like straight out from a comic book.


The day was sunny, and I'm in a town for some celebration. People were enjoying the food (couldn't recall if it was a wedding of some sort) and the occasion. And then it happened.

We left a building, riding in a van because something was not right. It was a hurried departure so I left some of my things there. And then, a terrifying noise were heard from everywhere because the ground cracked open (volcano?) and out came smoking rocks flying through the air. These rocks have ghostly faces on them and then it immediately began hitting the ground, while some where homing in on people (!). Those that were hit were 'destroyed' in an instant, while some began hitting the van we were riding on. Like on some cue, other rocks began hitting us purposefully. Inside I hear people screaming (I don't know who were with me) and then everything went black.

When I opened my eyes, it's as if twenty years has passed, and I was riding some sort of beat-up vehicle (motorcycle?). I am passing by a desolate town, almost like a desert because of the cloudless sky and the sandy ground. Everywhere you can see people in different states of wretch and misery. And then I spotted the building where I first left when the apocalypse happened, now decrepit and in ruins, but it seems to be holding up. Before I went there however, I observed a man, like he's shooting with his shadow and is terrorizing the people around him. Each shadow-like bullet traveling on the ground ripped people apart when it comes into contact.

Fearing nothing, I came near him because he's in the way where I'm going. He was cackling in glee at my apparent impudence, but I walked on. He shot these shadow bullets and it only wounded my legs. I then proceeded on grabbing his neck and crushing his throat. He died with a weak yelp. After I threw his body beside the rocks and broken hollow blocks, I went inside the building.

In a room some stories up, I saw a double deck bed where there seems to be a few clothes hanging untouched for decades. I immediately knew what I want to look for, and grabbed a dusty pair of pants and felt the pockets. I knew that if I found what I was looking for, I will be complete. That whatever happened in those 20 years that I cannot remember will be justified. I pulled up a wallet from the rear pocket, opened it, and inside was a picture -- it was a picture of ... o_O


Syet, malala na ito >_<