Ok. Last night was just a blur. I could almost predict how these things go. People getting together for too often a time will eventually bond into something like a tight clan. Then things between people get closer some more. And then people will then form expectations. Before you know it, you'll see people going into all sorts of knots only capricious creatures like humans can make. Sometimes you'd try to roll things over again, only start out insipid. See which gives less stress -_- or if this bunch of people prefer the excitement of it all. However, something tells me this group is more alive. Either that or I have changed enough to be appreciative of happenings like this. I would recall four or five years ago that I simply detest social interactions (yes, introvertiveness at its finest!). I lament that I wasn't able to grow up with a more people-person-like personality. But that was then, and this is now.

I never really liked beer. They taste really awful. I still prefer fruit juices over alcohol anytime. The only thing I get to appreciate about it all is that it makes people drunk. Not that it's a good thing, but more of the fact that, people need some sort of euphoric feeling in their heads every now and then. And yeah, to me that would be cherubim. She is looking as beautiful as ever. Which is an unfortunate fact that other red-flushed eyes are having a field day over her (well, she showed her skin, I show mine, LOL). Good thing she didn't wear something more visually stimulating or I would have to blind myself -_- Still, I wonder if she noticed I was looking at her direction whenever people I consider as creeps (sorry guys, truly, I don't control the thoughts that come out my head) are having undesirable 'movements'. I had to tilt my head away just so I won't have to see it happen. Or trust that her tomboyish flair would come out and scare them off. At least she likes to move around. Sigh, I sound like a pathetic ball of pube :} And here I am typing all of this in a public blog. LOL. Well, what the fuck, this is an exercise in self-improvement anyway. It's good to analyze emotions and train the mind to act on it when it comes up. Rational all the way baby.

I need to jog more regularly, because I'd like to see if I can really get back my 12-year old body. I'm still pretty agile, unlike most guys my age (well most are now sporting beer bellies, and is fat and boring).

Oh yeah, welcome to my blog Larry you sick, sick man you. You do know that being profound and crazy at the same time can only mean one thing: I'm Hannibal Lecter's progeny :}