Three days of fun and road trip in Baguio, but unlike everybody else, I'm the one who wants to go home early, probably because the only thing I really like doing was sleeping :} And from the fact that I took my vacation leave subsidy on very short notice (or more like, just let everybody else figure that out -- yes, I have balls the size of watermelons)

I'd like to put in the accounts of the trip like any normal, mild-mannered blogger would, but I think the pictures will be enough for that. I'd like to note however that my skin had a weird splotchy appearance (white splotches on a red background) with all the tequila + bailey's flowing down my system.

Baguio is not as cold as I expected it to be, but maybe because we caught it in a summery time. These are the times too, when I wished I had perfect vision just so I can take in the scenery and sights. It's my first time there as well, and that's all in my twenty-nine years as a mortal.

Still, it was not enough to stop my idle mind from looping over and over and over. I think I needed more tequila. Bought a wooden pendant made from kamagong, its design consist of a sun with a face on it. Got a little something in there for cherubim too, though I was really looking for a little angel holding a bottle of Corona in one hand and a cig in the other. But I guess that's being too particular of me. Got mom the strawberries, brooms, and strawberry jams too as well as Magsie's tapuy. It's here where I realized I'm terrible at what to give people in a massive scale as I didn't even attempted to get something for everyone -_-