I've been thinking about my other pen name, that of a woman, Pauline Schroeder. I created her to author some works of mine that does not really fit being written by me, on a male perspective. Ofcourse most of them are poetry, though I'd like to go into essay writing.

To date, I think I only made one poem under her name, Tulang Hindi Na Naman Masaya, not sure if I can find it posted in my blog, but I'll find it eventually.

Found one who got one of my poems as Quentin Montejo though. I've been spreading them all over the internet through the years, but have created them as a more personal piece of art nowadays.

Oh yeah, Pauline Schroeder's first name came from my great grandmother's. Schroeder just came out while I was thinking of something Scottish or Irish, though I think it is German.