- Q.Montejo

I don't want to be the face
   that will put you into an endless oohs and aahs
That will make your view go fuzzy on the sides
   bespectacled with dotted lights
I want it to be the one that tells you things
   will be ok when you're in a sucky mess
That things are going fine and
   there's no need to waste hours worrying

If you look at me, I don't want to be the one
   that makes your knees shake
For sensations like that are but
   illusions easily forgotten at a moment's notice
I want it, that when you look at me,
   your heart is warmed and made glad or whole
Because I prefer to gamble more on emotions
   that carry true through bright and dark times

However ...

I also want that not all of what I want
   will happen when you look at my face
As we will wade through this shitty life
   full of deceit and despair and uncertainty
That despite everything, we're good,
   we can be good, while expecting good things to come
And my face will be seen smiling because you
   can go to sleep, placidly, calmly