Just thinking of a review for the last piece of literature I made a couple of posts below. Btw, I think it's best read while listening to Sarah Mahlachlan's song Fallen, which my girl bestfriend just sent me (after sleeping during office hours at the condo hehehe). Looked up the lyrics, but it's not exactly what I mean in the letter :} still Sarah Maclachlan is Sarah Maclachlan, and listening to her is heaven.

I editted the reason why I wrote it. Last night, I couldn't sleep and my head was on a full reboot (don't ask me how this is). I just had to write this letter thingie like my mind was an overflowing cup of water. Wonder if famous writers make their stuff this way. Ahh, it's painful >_<

Simply put, the letter holds my sincerest intentions, and I just let the words come out and form on the keyboards. As usual, I have a sporadic way of writing (write on top, write on the middle, then everywhere) no thanks to the multiple thoughts that I have to write all at once but can't.

I'm not sure if I was able to put it across, but the point of the letter was not to make the addresee fall for 'me' (?) in a technical aspect. The letter was intended for someone who is trying to reach half way. It's sort of a ball game. The ball does not always go the other side of the court so to speak. It's more like a statement saying "THIS IS ME" and "THIS IS YOU" then followed by "WHAT OF IT?". If one would notice, the addresee is made an active part of the letter. In our case, she has a say, unlike say the tales of helpless little Rapunzel up that tower not complaining her hair is getting split ends for all that prince climbing and what not.

Hmm, let me think about that again on another critique entry. Ofcourse real life is a different matter in a way, as this is my melodrama trying to become a fetus :} poetry writing has become boring lately.

The piece is actually an incarnation of another Open Letter made by someone else (she's a genius herself). I was using it as a template for this one, though ofcourse I couldn't recall what the exact words were -- just the feeling that I wanted to attach to the sentences. The last part (italicized) seems a bit out of place. I call it a 'return' thought, one that is used to wrap things up if the undesired ending or reaction comes out of the reader's mind.

All in all, I think I still am a crude writer. Long way to go -_-

I was fancying of submitting this to peyups, but my confidence is too low.