For all my friends out there, forgive me if I post something about Donna today. She was the person I dated last year (the girl with the prettiest lips and perfect teeth I've ever seen).

No, I am not bringing some old affections back here. I'd like to note one other thing that was spectacular about her: her endless optimism. She's reckless and careless about her decisions yes, but she's fearless and unfazed by the things that were happening to her life and how people see her as.

Yeah, I'd like to borrow that optimism today.

I remembered when she messaged me something that's both simple and profound. And that is thinking she was the one who made it (well, maybe).

Have a choice, rather than nothing at all.

It sounds like a haphazard way of making it through life, but if you think about it, the point was to move forward and not waste time sulking in a corner. I gotta remember that one more often.

And regardless of everything that has happened between us, my sincerest wishes for her happiness :}