Got my US E-1 visa approved today. The consul didn't pose much of a challenge since I think my company has a good record with the embassy anyway. I was already expecting that my tongue will go in knots because I'm basically bored and nervous at the same time (wait, that doesn't seem to sound right).

Had fun last saturday. Just gimme the mic, and I'm a happy noise-maker. Regardless if everyone else has their eardrums bleeding or not.

*listens to Just the Girl by The Click Five*

Let's go to another department in my head. Sometimes when I think about how I approach cherubim, it feels like I'm a student trying to take an exam I didn't study for under a professor who has no interest in letting me pass. Yeap, a part of me thinks so lowww of myself. The other part just keeps on going forward blindly, regardless if I'm stepping on landmines or helpless kittens. Yeap that's the part of me who's a goof in front of a videoke machine. And the other, 'other' part is busy scheming plans or trying to predict what she's thinking or if she's asleep or busy with work (which I use to prevent myself from being annoying). This is the part that proves it is hard work being me.

(I won't name those parts anymore like before -- my condition worsens)

So here I am, doing a little bit of celebration for the visa approval. And the poet is cooking up a line or two at the same time ...