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As I placed my beloved guitar under my bed, I was being eaten by a feeling. Fuckleberry Hinn, that was a chance wasted to be honest about it, something I don't want to be through chatboxes, forums, or that small screen in a cellphone. I asked forgiveness to my brain for having it thinking an hour more after lying down. I really, really need to develop that social skill >_< *slaps head*

Do hope we weren't much of a messy bunch *tee hee*

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In other news, I think beer is a useless, useless drink if it doesn't make me drunk. I'd rather have juice. Lots of it.


Kino's Journey

Yeap, I think the girls don't know how profound this anime is. Japanese have this simplistic way of conveying some subtle philosophical thoughts. I think we've watched the episode about how two nations were able to avert war and destroy countless lives.

Now the kicker of the story was this: they made war games against each other. No, they were not going to use soft-bullet guns to whittle each other's asses. It was more gruesome than that -- they were to kill people from an indigenous tribe that lives between them and make a headcount. The reasoning for that was, at least this war wouldn't be having large-numbered statistics about casualties and such and is isolated to some 'insignficant lives'.

Here's another twist I found out. I have two cliche's about war:

- War does not determine who is right, but rather, who is left
- In war, both sides are losers

Now thinking about waging war with each other, taking lives of people not in it effectively neutralizes those two cliches does it not? Pretty clever, but gruesome nonetheless. No justification in the world can ever make up for the loss of lives. Even for those who perpetrated it. I'd like to tackle other facets of this topic, but it might fill up a really long space in this blog :}

I've only watched one or two more episodes of Kino's Journey, each episode is really a story on its own with Kino passing by adding the starting point to a good topic for discussion. Her (yes, Kino is a she) motorbike 'Hermes' (?) is a funny companion during their travels together.

One interesting episode was that Kino was looking for the Book About Everything. Hermes commented that such a book should be huge. What they got was a book with no writing in the pages -_- The reasoning for that was, the contents were really up to the reader's imagination -- because for one, everything in this world is originally how someone sees it. And if you think about it, it really is o_O

Blech, reminds of that harrowing book, Sophie's World.