Attended a speech training seminar and had a bit of fame for being the most obnoxious attendant in class. Yeah, I was a bit of a thunderhead (there exist in me an opposite of that yo) always making noise and trying to get attention (whore?).

Words are powerful. Yeah, and I know how to use it.


Drat, I need to pay for the Palawan trip. The weird thing about this is that I'm going to be with a crowd I don't hang out with. And the only person that I can hangout with, has his character assassinated by another good friend of mine. So I am like ... hmm, guess it'll be a loooong trip careful not to trip a nerve or two.

I think I'll just sing loud. Sing and forget everything and everyone else.


I'm beginning to enjoy watching Inuyasha. When I first saw it I was thinking that it was just another anime with monsters and fights and stuff.

But the thing is, a story is a story. At the heart of it all, I still like hearing stories even if it is a trite struggle between good and evil. When you watch things like this more, you grow into it :} and then appreciate the twists the author made which made it unique.

Inuyasha's character is complex, but not hard to understand. Sort of like me -_-

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