I can't believe it myself.

I slept at about 4:00 pm and woke up 5:30 am the next day (today). That is some power nap. It feels like a sublimation of sorts, letting it all sink in.

I have something beside my bed -- a rainmaker I bought in paradise. Decided that this will be my stress reliever when I become restless at night. I think I'll go get a magnifying glass and decorate it some more. I remembered a brief period of time that my pen name was that, The Rainmaker, instead of Quentin Montejo. So I guess this will be some sort of reunion with my history. Yeah, I love the rain. Now I love the sun as well [see profile].

At the office, I took a good look at myself in the men's room under the fluorescent lights -- no peeling epidermis, just a weird gold-colored tint on my skin. Is this what they call a tan? There is the matter of me buying a tanning lotion instead of using sunblock. I didn't get burnt whatsoever nor did I have any burning sensations. Feels healthy though, wished I jogged this morning for a good sweat.

Yeah. Healthy is good, is it not?

Made me chuckle how I was spewing verbal insults left and right at my companions back in paradise (hey guys! nyahaha). Hehe, I wonder if they were secretly planning my demise along the way. Not that I can handle then if they suddenly decide to maul me. I can defend myself! Har!

Can't wait for the pictures. So many good shots there. Especially the artsy ones XD

Oh yeah, left my cellphone at the condo again today -_- I sometimes wish I can do away with that thing. It's so liberating to not have one [this is the hermit speaking again].