I know you still come here.

I wake up
I wash my face and go
here's another day, I'm sure
I'll fight for what I love

And as to who you are, I'll be making this post as ambiguous as possible. If by chance, a word connects that it is indeed you I am referring to, then hat's off, maybe it is you I'm talking about here. Oh, but I'm sure there's a lot of you out there who can be hit by this letter.

and my music keeps going on
my heart begins to beat
and my music keeps going on
it makes my life complete

I know that you still read about my life even though I have shut me off from knowing about yours. I will not say what I'll feel when I do, but I'll make it as riddling as possible -- that even if it doesn't hurt anymore, I won't tell you. Was it years ago? Was it just a month ago? Or was it a week ago? Or have I just met you? I cannot tell.

I'm flying away, I'm flying away
I'm flying away, I'm flying away

It's okay to be silent. It's okay to just grace my life with your time and not letting me know about what you think. Though sometimes I wish you could still talk to me. I really do. I honestly really want you to.

Because you know what? I.will.understand.

It's the sound I cannot live without
as the rhytm goes, I'm sure
my soul will never pause

Here's to the what-could-have-beens. God, I think I'm collecting a lot of those the past years. And here's to what-will-be's. There I'll reside and sit on hope. Yeah, I can do that. I can really do that. I'm so good at it.

and my music keeps going on
it opens up my eyes
and my music keeps going on
'cause one day I was blind

Maybe someday I can ask you to dance with me. Let's dance on sunsets, and when it dies down, we can dance on the candlelight and moonlight. We don't have to care who's broken or whole. The beach music won't care whatever we are or whatever faults we have. Let's just dance to it.

I'm flying away, I'm flying away
I'm flying away, I'm flying away

It's going to be so cool.

I'm flying ...
I'm flying away

[song by Moony, entitled Flying Away, released 2003]