- Pauline Schroeder

Bah, she comes out rarely anyway. Done this while listening to Duncan Sheik's Wishful Thinking ... weird

What's making you look up the sea of stars tonight?
What are you looking for in that endless expanse?
Were you searching for yourself out there?
Will you find it? Do you have faith to reach for it?
Is it ok if I stand beside you and look for it too?
I already myself here, so I'll gladly help you
Is it ok if I ask, I need to find my dream as well
It's supposed to be with me but flew across the stars
Is it ok to tell me if you come across it?
It might have met you up there in the beautiful sky
Who knows, while finding yourself, it's with my dream
Maybe they've already talked with each other
My dream telling you that it's been worried sick
And wants to come back to me after being gone so long
Maybe it was trying to find you after you lost yourself
Maybe, crazy as it sounds, you were my dream all along ...

Naze furue nagara
Ima motome au no?
Kimi dake o nando demo
Dakishimetai kara