Yeah, after more than a year of exiling myself from you, you have not changed. You're still ... a weirdo. It's really strange, you know? You're quite intelligent, soft-hearted, kind, and may I say pretty both inside and out. But you still weird me out. You're like this Encyclopedia Britannica of Weirdness in full-edition.

I know I'm the one who was crass. I didn't ask forgiveness for it, why? Because I was honest. Even better than those friends of yours who are all yes-men saying only what you want to hear. What did your friend say about me again? That I was some fuckwit with a blatant sense of self-importance?

I probably am, thank you :}

Still, even though I'm an asshole then as I am now, I just wish that you stop hurting yourself ... you don't deserve all that pain I see in you