"I am, right next to real
I am, right next to real"

I was playing Hale's song Broken Sonnet, and I couldn't quite discern what the vocalist was trying to utter. So there, it came out as "I am, right next to real". It made me go, "Uhm. If it's not his nasal condition affecting his voice, then this could be a good poetic line".


Oh well. I'm here at the office, trying to work at 8:00 pm. I came in real late, a few minutes before 2 pm, so that makes me quite a pasaway. Somehow I wish my team leader would give me a gentle scolding. No really, I'd like to be disciplined every now and then. I mean heck, I wouldn't want to grow fat (ok, not literally, since I have the metabolism of a shrew) and horny (word used in the context of having horns) because of people around me being too nice.

I don't think I'm that nice. Online, it is a safe guess that several people are intimidated by the way I speak. It is an unfortunate fact that I'm there to tell you what I see, and not coddle you with things you just want to hear.


I miss my guitar. The last time I played it was about two weeks ago during a wedding gig with CH2. I left it in my mom's place to cheer her up a little. I need to get it back :(

"Sabihin sa kin
Lahat ng lihim mo
Iingatan ko
Ibaling sa kin
Ang lahat ng problema mo
Kakayanin ko"

- Imago, Akap

Love this song. I have a thing with bands having a female front vox. And another with women of power. To me, they're really sexy.

"Nakita ko nang lahat dito
Pinahihiwatig ng mata mo
Salamat na lamang sa yo"

- Mojofly, Mata

Kamusta na. Nandiyan ka pa ba?
Nandiyan pa ba? Mga alala?
Ang tanging bagay na tanging naiwan sa ting dalawa.

Here's to the violin playing in the music that are your lives. Peace out. Quentin signing off.