Again, I find myself in a reflective mood. Alamid is playing in my Sonique, the aircon is turned off, and I passed the pre-test for the Java Certification.

*Your love is like the sun, that lights up my whole world*

I have a poor memory in a way. I don't remember details. I remember emotions. It's like, I don't remember why I hate you. It's just that when I remember hating you but forgot the reason why I do. So the cliche "forgive and forget" won't apply to me. It''ll be minus the first 'f' word.

I told my team leader last week that I'm a brooding person. An unfortunate trait which I also see in my brother. I had this team mate I have a cold war with, and my team leader is taking measures that we don't clash. Because in the event that it happens, it could be a strain to the team in case we get to be in the same project again.

Again, I don't forgive, but I do forget.

After a meeting that had the signs of a heated argument, my worried team leader approached me on my station, rubbed my shoulder and talked some patience into me.

I'd like to, I really do. I never did like the feeling of having to brood over a bad relation, it leaves that really nasty aftertaste. After all, a negative feeling, no matter how you redirect it into another form of energy, will always consume you in the end if you don't totally obliterate it. Kind of like, Jedi turning to Sith, and the only thing will keep you alive after going to the dark side, is to hate more. What better narcotic huh?

At my age, such things are costly. No, really. Youngish people still have the luxury of burning bridges as they can always build more just as easily. For people like me, who're beginning to cement life long acquiantances, and rely on it, such events are so disastrous that it affects health.

Anyway, enough of me being mental. Time for some game.

/Quentin signing off