My last guitar lesson is finished. I'd like to thank Maestro Ricky for imparting humongous knowledge to my feeble feeble brain. I only have the passion, not the talent, for music. But I think that is indeed enough to nourish my soul and make my days happy holding my sexy guitar.

Now all that's left would be up to me. I've got a really nice chord book (alternative ofcourse) and I plan to master several pieces before this year ends. Maybe I could actually become good at it, and woo the woman of my dreams (working on that right now ... hello lovely, wherever you are, mwah).

So what's next? I've always wanted to retake some martial arts classes, but I don't know if I can handle the rigorous training along with my line of work. To think I was even considering taking FMA, Yaw-Yan, or Pekiti-Tirsia. Which are like, martial arts designed to really inflict pain and dominate the enemy.

I'd consider manga-drawing lessons. But that would make me really geeky and turn my body into a mush of soft flesh. Gym is boring. So what else?