This has been a thought I've always wanted to write. Lately, I've noticed a lot of them coming here to learn English or whatnot. For one, I find their presence interesting.

One reason is that, historically, we have no record of enmity with the Koreans. Unlike, say, the Chinese who're stereotyped with their affinity for money, or the Japanese, given the fact that no one will ever forget their role in WWII. The Thais? Malaysians? Indonesians? I couldn't think of any visually significant interaction with them ever. They're more like quiet neighbors whom you nod your head with whenever you pass by them on the street.

So naturally, we have this air of neutral friendliness towards with the Koreans.

Last night, I've watched one of those cutely-themed Korean movies (a love story, I reckoned beforehand). Had me laughing on the first half, kind of lame and cheesy at the end as expected. Made me think, that in a way, we have more in common with them than any other Asian.

I remembered back in 2001 in California. Made friends with a Korean (though American-born) during my Safeway stint, and I might say, we became good buddies. One time we even went to this hiphop congregation, sort of a benefit session (forgot what it's for). I admit, I never told him my musical inclination is alternative :}

A few weeks after I came back here, was a bit surprised when he gave a call to the office phone. The damn beast is here for a vacation. It was not a bit of a surprise because he always wanted to travel, and since most of his company buds are pinoys as well, it's not an impossibility. I couldn't forget an officemate's look on her face when she heard me speaking English with a slang *tee hee* again, I admit I still have a few slip ups here and there.

So when he came over, I couldn't think of a place to bring him anywhere but Glorietta. There we were, chatting about the times, while he was trying to pick up a chic by the bar (me, chuckling my ass off). The beast was a whiskey lover (never had a taste for anything else other than tequila) and well, I could say he can hold up quite well.

What then does all of this add up to. Just one. I'd like to see Korea someday.